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    Anatomy of songs

    Guitar. Complaining. Guitar.

  2. "Last night in Chicago, he played an astonishing 33-song setlist that included covers, live debuts, and an 11-song encore. When it was all said and done, the concert lasted nearly three-hours and marked the longest performance of White’s career."

    This was incredible!

    via Jack White delivers 33-song, three-hour set in Chicago, marking the longest show of his career

  3. 'Bailiff' to take the stage at Wicker Park Fest

    So good from Bailiff. Wish we could have heard the whole song, but looking forward to the Wicker Park Fest show on Sunday at 4pm.

    Be there!

  4. "Joyce Manor songs, like Robert Pollard’s, are often shorter than two minutes, but they’ve never included more than 10 on an album. When I ask Johnson how that compares to GbV’s tendency to throw in 20 or more as a kind of self-effacing and self-defeating move, he replies, “Don’t you wish they wouldn’t? That’s where we come in: Our albums are only the good ones.”"

    via ‘Never Hungover Again’: A Little Bowling Alley Time With Torrance Pop-Punkers Joyce Manor

  6. " I’m not the first person to point out that vinyl is on the rise after having been considered dead. The "why" behind it, though, is a little more elusive. People don’t have to buy vinyl, and yet, they’re increasingly choosing to do so. It seems that in a world where CDs are obsolete, and digital files are intangible, the vinyl record still has a physical value that gives you your money’s worth. If the music industry wants to survive, it better pay attention to why people are buying records.

    Vinyl can be fragile, yes, among other imperfections. But those end up being part of its charm. Older records warp, needles wobble on their surface and skip over scratches. This is also turns records into nostalgia factories. I love the hand-me-down first pressing of Sticky Fingers my godfather gave me. What am I gonna give my kids? A flash drive? The password to my Dropbox?”

    via Vinyl’s Upward Surge Continues Because Vinyl Rules

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  12. “YouTube’s self-proclaimed role as a ‘a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small’ is little more than hollow branding of a company that in reality is losing touch with the very creators and audience that have bloated the size of the platform into the stratosphere over the years,” he says.

    “For a global mastodon like YouTube to further undermine the value of music to a level well below existing streaming services can spread like a virus and destroy the independent recording industry, labels and artists alike.”

    via YouTube To Block Indie Content ‘Within Days’

  13. "So you have to code-switch a lot. One day you’re the guest of honor, the next day you’re a peasant."

    Really fascinating and honest take on what it’s like to be a working musician today.

    via Jazz Musician: ‘I See the Gap Between the Haves and Have-Nots’ - Working In These Times

  14. Bailiff - “Lookin’ Away” - HearYa Live Session 2/20/14 (by Hear Ya)